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Daily Magic Spells

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Daily Magic Spells
SethiSaksham - 2020年09月14日 Monday 14:25

I just joined ZIML. I  started doing the recent Daily Magic Spells, some of which were 2-3 days old. I noticed that my "points" were going up by 5 every time I got a question right. Today I decided to start from the beginning and did the June 1st, 2018 Daily Magic Spell and June 2nd, 2018 Daily Magic Spell, but noticed that my points didn't go up even though I got both questions right...


Re: Daily Magic Spells
AdminZIML - 2020年09月16日 Wednesday 14:09

Hi there!

The Daily Magic Spells points are used to determine the top users on the leader board, which shows the top scorers in the past 60 days. Thus, only the Daily Magic Spells of the last 60 days will award you points. It is still a good idea to do previous Daily Magic Spells for practice and fun!