Welcome to Areteem Institute's Zoom International Math League (ZIML)

The world of mathematics if full of fun and exciting challenges, with mathematics forming the foundation for all other science and engineering fields. The Zoom International Math League, which had its beginnings as the Southern California Math Olympiad in 2008, aims to provide a systematic system for students to build and share their passion for math with people from around the globe.

More information about ZIML's rich history is available by clicking here.

ZIML Core Online Programs

  • Daily Magic Spells: The Daily Magic Spells provide a problem a day (Monday through Friday) for students to practice. Each question is labeled with its level (All grades, Middle School, or High School). Full solutions are available the next day, and students can track their progress on the Daily Magic Spells Leaderboard.
  • Monthly Contests: The ZIML Monthly Contests are held the first weekend of each month during the school year (October through June). Students can compete in one of 5 divisions to test their knowledge and determine their strengths and weaknesses. Winners are announced each month and students can track their progress throughout the year.
  • Practice Page: The Practice Page contains sample ZIML contests and an archive of AMC-series tests for online practice. In addition, a series of mock AMC contests are also available. These mock contests are full-length contests consisting of randomly chosen problems from the real contests that are similar in difficulty to the real contests.
  • Online Discussion Forum: The Online Discussion Forum is open for any comments and questions. Discussion about the contest problems are not allowed until the contest is over. Other discussions, such as hard Daily Magic Spells or the Weekly Brain Potions are also posted here.

ZIML Core Onsite Programs

  • Onsite Tournaments and Workshops: During the school year ZIML hosts local onsite tournaments throughout the U.S. where students have a chance to compete against the peers from their region. These tournaments are often accompanied by problem solving workshops where students get a chance to work with the ZIML team face to face.
  • International ZIML Convention:
    • Each year ZIML hosts an onsite competition during Areteem's Summer Camp Programs.
    • During the West Coast Summer Camp, this onsite competition is part of the yearly International ZIML Convention.
    • During the convention, students from across the country and world are invited to join us for workshops on Saturday and the ZIML Competition on Sunday, giving them a chance to share their passion for STEM with like-minded students.
    • As part of the Poster Competition, students are given an opportunity to develop their communication and presentation skills.
    • In addition, top performing students from the Online ZIML Competition Varsity Division will receive invitations to compete in the Master's Division Onsite exam.
    • For more information about the convention including the schedule, competition divisions, and the poster competition, please visit the ZIML International Convention page on the Areteem site by clicking here.

Get Involved!

  • We encourage students and teachers to organize groups to discuss solutions to the Daily Magic Spells as well as the Monthly Contests.
  • Teachers:
  • Students:
    • Help improve ZIML by joining its Student Advisory Board. Click here to apply! You'll be prompted to login or create a free account if you have not already done so.