ZIML Teachers' Page

The Zoom International Math League is dedicated to providing free and affordable resources to teachers, counselors, coaches, and administrators to help their students succeed.

ZIML is a Smart Way to Build Better College Applications for your Students!

With daily math practice and monthly competitions ZIML:

  • Helps talented students stand out
  • Provides students with a greater understanding of math concepts and problem solving
  • Introduces students to AMC and AIME level problems
  • Tracks progression and proves commitment to mathematics

FREE ZIML App Available Now

  • Download today:
  • Free Features
    • Daily Math Problems (Daily Magic Spells) with full solutions
    • Leaderboards to track progress
    • Forums for problem discussion and challenge questions
  • Subscription Features
    • Monthly Contests with full solutions after the contest
    • Contest winners and history of results

ZIML in the Classroom

We invite students and teachers to take solve and discuss ZIML questions as a way to include advanced problem solving as an addition to school curriculum.

  • Daily Magic Spells can be used
    • As a great warmup to start the class
    • For an extra problem for advanced students who finish work early
    • As homework or extra credit students can do anywhere
  • Monthly Contests can be used
    • As a monthly assessment to track student problem solving growth
    • For discussion materials for a math club or team

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Interested teachers may contact us via phone at (949) 305-1705, email at info@areteem.org, or areteemhelpdesk on WeChat. Ask how to get a free enrollment key for your students!

Free ZIML Poster

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