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mock AMC 10

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mock AMC 10
Liang Kai Ho發表於2020年 12月 13日(Sun) 21:12

I'm confused about the below problem, can some teacher help explain it in detail?

Central High School is competing against Northern High School in a backgammon match. Each school has three players, and the contest rules require that each player play two games against each of the other school's players. The match takes place in six rounds, with three games played simultaneously in each round. In how many different ways can the match be scheduled?

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Re: mock AMC 10
Reynoso David發表於2020年 12月 15日(Tue) 11:54

For questions from the AMC 10 8 week preparation course, please use the forum on the classes.areteem.org site. I see you posted there too, here is a response: https://classes.areteem.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=816