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Happy Lunar New Year - Brain Potion

Happy Lunar New Year - Brain Potion
LensmireJohn - 2021年02月12日 Friday 12:41

To celebrate Lunar New Year here's a little riddle. Can you help Ashley out?

Ashley has always been curious how old her grandmother is, but no one will tell her. She wants to try to find out before her grandma's birthday next week.

Ashley knows that her mom is turning 48 later this year. Her aunt (her mom's older sister) was also born in the year of the ox. Ashley's grandma won't even share her Chinese zodiac sign, but Ashley was able to figure out that her grandma and her mom would be considered allies according to their zodiac signs.

Ashley is 14 and is an only child. She knows that her grandma had her last child at a younger age than Ashley's mom. Ashley doesn't think her grandma was a teenager when her aunt was born. How old is Ashley's grandmother?

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Re: Happy Lunar New Year - Brain Potion
LiEdward - 2021年02月12日 Friday 16:59

80, right?

Re: Happy Lunar New Year - Brain Potion
YouJeffrey - 2021年02月27日 Saturday 21:53