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2021 Online ZIML Convention Winners!

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2021 Online ZIML Convention Winners!
Admin ZIML發表於2021年 08月 26日(Thu) 10:30

On Saturday August 7th, 2021 the Zoom International Math League and Areteem Institute held the 2021 Online ZIML Convention.

Students competed with two individual rounds:

  • Individual Round 1: 20 multiple choice questions over 45 minutes
  • Individual Round 2: 5 numerical answer questions over 30 minutes

Round 1 was worth 40 points (2 points per question) and Round 2 was worth 20 points (4 points per question). A student’s total score was the sum of both rounds.

We’re exited to announce the winners! Winners all received Amazon gift cards. 1st place won \$100, 2nd place \$50, and 3rd place \$25.

Division E

  • 1st Place: Jingyang Wang from China
  • 2nd Place: Maximilian He from California
  • 3rd Place: Shaurya Kushwaha from Michigan

Division M

  • 1st Place: Lorraine Wang from California
  • 2nd Place: Caroline Huang from Georgia
  • 3rd Place: Benjamin Jiang from Florida

Junior Varsity

  • 1st Place: Michael Lu from New York
  • 2nd Place: Sophia Zhang from Texas
  • 3rd Place: Tony Q from California

Congrats to all the winners!

Stay tuned for announcements regarding the return of the Online ZIML Monthly Contests this school year!

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