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Estimation Challenge Part 1 (Weekly Brain Potion)

Estimation Challenge Part 1 (Weekly Brain Potion)
LensmireJohn - 2018年02月2日 Friday 12:28

Today we kick off a two week set of Brain Potions based on geometric estimation. Winner's will be announced next Friday!

Those of you who have taken a class with me (Mr. John) would recognize my trusty coffee mug that often appears in the class videos.

As it is important to stay hydrated, I also have a bottle of water with me at my desk most of the day. The bottle is pictured below, filled to the top with water, next to a ruler for a sense of scale. (Click on the image to download a full size version.)

Your challenge this week is to guess the weight of the bottle filled with water in grams.

Please click here to view and participate in this weeks challenge!