Welcome to Zoom International Math League! The Daily Magic Spells are available for practice. Each question is labeled with its level (All Grades, Middle School, High School).

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ZIML Divisions

The ZIML competition has 5 main divisions for students in elementary, middle, and high school. College students are not eligible to compete in any of the divisions. Registration for the upcoming competitions is available at the Monthly Contest page .

The Practice page contains sample ZIML contests and the contests of the AMC series for online real-time practice. In addition, a series of mock AMC contests are also available; the mock contests are full-length contests consisting of randomly chosen problems from the real contests that are similar in difficulty to the real contests.

Additional information about the ZIML divisions is found below.

  • Varsity: The top division. Covers material on the level of the last 10 questions on the AMC 12 and AIME level. This division is open to all age levels.
  • Junior Varsity: The second highest competition division. Covers material at the AMC 10/12 level and State/National MathCounts level. Note that material such as complex numbers, advanced trigonometry, and logarithms are not required at this level. This division is open to all age levels.
  • High School (Division H): This division focuses on material from a standard high school curriculum. It covers topics up to and including pre-calculus. This division will serve as excellent practice for students preparing for the math portions of the SAT or ACT. This division is open to all age levels.
  • Middle School (Division M): This division focuses on problem solving using math concepts from a standard middle school math curriculum. Covers material on the level of AMC 8 and School/Chapter MathCounts. This division is open to all students who have not started grade 9.
  • Upper Elementary (Division E): This division focuses on advanced problem solving with mathematical concepts from upper elementary school. Covers material at a level comparable to MOEMS Division E. This division is open to all students who have not started grade 6.

At the end of the school year, top performing students in the Varsity Division are invited to compete in the Masters division. This division covers materials at the USA(J)MO level and is only open by invitation to the strongest students from the Varsity division. Direct registration for the Masters Division is not available.


If a student receives 3 perfect scores on exams from one of the non-varsity divisions (UE, MS, HS, JV) they are have mastered the material and "advance" to a higher division. These advancements are summarized below:

  • 3 perfect scores in Division E advances to the Division M.
  • 3 perfect scores in Division M advances to Junior Varsity.
  • 3 perfect scores in Division H advances to Junior Varsity.
  • 3 perfect scores in Junior Varsity advances to Varsity.

When a student advances they are still allowed to take the exams from a lower division. HOWEVER, they are ineligible for awards and receive no points for exams in lower divisions. Note: the 3 perfect scores do not need to be consecutive.