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Winter Term ZIML Winners

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Winter Term ZIML Winners
by ZIML Admin - Friday, March 11, 2022, 4:05 PM

Congrats to everyone who competed in the Monthly ZIML Contests for the Winter Season (January, February, and March).

ZIML is built as a platform for students to keep practicing and improving their math over time. Daily Magic Spells help them practice a problem a day and the Monthly Contests let them compete it month.

We're proud to announce students with Perfect Attendance for the Winter Season:

  • Division E: Aaron Cooper, Adrian Torres, Anna Lu, Anthony H, Artyom Sinitsyn, Brendon Wang, Caden Faciane, Elina Bansal, Emi Furukawa, Emmet Conkey, Evan Wang, James Gentile, Kaden Hu, Kaleb Basilio, Maddox Lawrance, Mason Luo, Michael Kamenev, Navdhi Jain, Olivier Weeda, Shaurya Kushwaha, Sophie Li, and Zachary Ross.
  • Division M: Aidan Bai, Alexander Shi, Alvin Chen, Alyssa Ho, Amy Tang, Anthony H, Aurelio Vazquez, Brendon Wang, Caroline Huang, Daniel He, Eric Xiong, Jack Lu, Jake Hu, Matthew Laido, Mingyu Yang, Olivia Laido, Preston Hsiao, Risuning Xu, Sarah Zhang, William Huang, and Xunzhong Liu
  • Division H: Alex S, Chloe Ho, Daniel Wang, David Tang, Harrison Roth, Jack Lu, Joshua Wang, Shirlyn Huang, and Zhiyong Huang.
  • Junior Varsity: Andy Jiang, Caroline Huang, Dennis Malikov, Jenny You, Lucas Qi, Owen Tang, Sarah Zhang, Sophia Zhang, and Vincent Lee.
  • Varsity: Sophia Zhang and Vincent Lee.

Note: Students were eligible to be included for perfect attendance even without a full profile.

Top scores for the Winter Season were based on the highest two scores from the three months. A full profile was required to be eligible.

Division E:

  • 1st Place: Brendon Wang from Washington
  • 2nd Place: Mason Luo from California
  • 3rd Place: Evan Wang from Massachusetts

Division M:

  • 1st Place: Eric Xiong from Texas
  • 2nd Place: Alvin Chen from California 
  • 3rd Place: Matthew Zhao from California

Division H:

  • 1st Place: Harrison Roth from New York and Joshua Wang from California (tie)
  • 2nd Place: David Tang from California
  • 3rd Place: Alex S from New Zealand

Junior Varsity:

  • 1st Place: Sophia Zhang from Texas
  • 2nd Place: Dennis Malikov from Maryland
  • 3rd Place: Vincent Lee from Maryland


  • 1st Place: Sophia Zhang from Texas
  • 2nd Place: Edward Li from Iowa
  • 3rd Place: Vincent Lee from Maryland

Congrats to everyone! Remember the Spring Season starts with the April Online Monthly Contest on April 1st (not a joke!), 2022. We will see you there!