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ZIML Monthly Contests Return for 2023-24 (plus bonus AMC 10/12 Problems)!

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ZIML Monthly Contests Return for 2023-24 (plus bonus AMC 10/12 Problems)!
by ZIML Admin - Monday, 28 August 2023, 3:57 PM

We are excited to announce the return of ZIML for the 2023-24 School Year!

Online Monthly Contests will run from October* to June, at the beginning of each month. It only takes one hour to compete in one of the five divisions. Track your progress throughout the year in the ZIML Mobile App! Note the first competition will be open September 29th - October 1st.

Check out the full schedule below:

ZIML 2023-24 Schedule
(Click to view full size.)

The October Online ZIML Competitions are now open for registration on the Monthly Contests page. Students can compete in any of our five divisions.

  • Division E, Division M, and Division H test students problem solving skills using math skills from Upper Elementary School, Middle School, and High School.
  • Advanced students can compete in our Junior Varsity and Varsity divisions to challenge themselves and prepare for advanced math competitions such as State/National MATHCOUNTS, AMC 10/12, and AIME.

Registration for an individual contest is \$10, or register for the full 2023-24 year (nine total contests) for only \$50! The contest is open from Sept. 29th to October 1st and takes one hour to complete.

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Want to Compete for Free?

Good luck to everyone competing in the First Monthly Contest. We hope to see lots of new and returning names on the leaderboards!

AMC 10/12 Practice

Starting September 5th, one daily practice AMC 10 problem will be posted on the ZIML forum. Students can solve the problems and compete by submitting solutions. The best solution submitted within 48 hours will be highlighted and be included on the ZIML site. Daily AMC 10/12 practice will continue through the AMC 10/12 test dates in November. Come back after Labor Day to participate!

Monthly Contests Onsite

For the 2023-24 School Year, students will have an opportunity to take Monthly Contests Onsite at Areteem's Southern California location in Orange County, California. Stay tuned for additional updates!