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AMC 10 Mock Exam Discussion For 9/21: Question 22

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AMC 10 Mock Exam Discussion For 9/21: Question 22
by John Lensmire - Thursday, September 21, 2023, 1:26 PM

AMC 10 Mock Exam Question 22

Seven distinct pieces of candy are to be distributed among three bags. The red bag and the blue bag must each receive at least one piece of candy; the white bag may remain empty. How many arrangements are possible?

$\displaystyle \textbf{(A) } 1930 \qquad \textbf{(B) } 1931 \qquad \textbf{(C) } 1932 \qquad \textbf{(D) } 1933 \qquad \textbf{(E) } 1934$

Submit your answer and solution and explanation below! Solutions will be accepted for 48 hours until 9/23 at 2pm Pacific Time. (There's still time for yesterday's problem too: click here.)

Top solutions for all the Mock Exam questions will be collected and shared as part of a full 25 Question Mock AMC 10 Exam.

Note: The question above is a past AMC problem. Solutions submitted must be written by students. Copied solutions will be disqualified.