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Wizard Secrets (Weekly Brain Potion)

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Wizard Secrets (Weekly Brain Potion)
by ZIML Admin - Friday, November 3, 2017, 12:34 PM

Adelais and Robbe are two wizards who need to communicate in secrecy through the owl post. Unfortunately, their owls keep getting intercepted by the evil wizard Evelyne who reads all their messages.

Adelais starts devising a plan. She builds a small storage box to send handwritten messages. Being wizards, Adelais and Robbe both know how to magically seal the box so that it can only be opened with a secret phrase. It is possible to seal the box with more than one phrase at once.

Adelais needs help! She needs to figure out a way to get her phrase to Robbe. There is no way for her and Robbe to meet up, and evil Evelyne is still reading all their messages (so Evelyne will read the secret phrase if Adelais sends it unsecured). How can Adelais and Robbe arrange to communicate securely with each other using only these resources?

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