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June 2021 Online ZIML Winners Announced
Admin ZIML發表於2021年 06月 10日(Thu) 21:22

Congratulations to our top winners from the June Online ZIML Competition held June 4th - 6th, 2021!

Those who competed in the competition can now review their contests to see scores. Solutions will be available soon. Bonus Opportunity: Submit a video solution to a Division M or Junior Varsity problem from the June contest for your chance to win prizes! Two winners from each division will ...

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ZIML Video Creation Contest is Now Open!
Lensmire John發表於2021年 06月 10日(Thu) 15:41

Video Creation Contest

You can now submit your videos for the creation contest!

We're celebrating the end of the 2021-22 school year with a Video Creation Contest based on problems from the June ZIML Monthly Contests!

Students are invited to submit a video solution to one of their favorite problems from Division M or Junior Varsity.

Didn't compete in the June Contest? Not a problem! Click the link below to join the ...

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Free Prizes for Winners in our Video Creation Contest!
Lensmire John發表於2021年 05月 28日(Fri) 17:07

Next weekend is the final ZIML Online Monthly Contest of the 2021-22 year!

We're celebrating with a Video Creation Contest based on problems from the June Competition!

After the competition we're inviting students from Division M and Junior Varsity to submit videos based on their favorite problem from the competition.

Two winners from each division will be chosen. One winner each will be chosen ...