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November ZIML Student Solution Contest Winners
Admin ZIML發表於2022年 11月 15日(Tue) 12:06

We're showcasing student work and solutions in with our solution contests featuring problems from the Online ZIML Monthly Contests. Be sure to follow us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, etc.) for updates and information about the next contest!

Last week students submitted solutions from the November Division M and Junior Varsity Contests (click to view the full image of the ...

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November 2022 Online ZIML Winners Announced!
Admin ZIML發表於2022年 11月 15日(Tue) 10:15

Congratulations to everyone who participated in this month's November Online ZIML Competition held November 4th - 6th, 2022!

Those of you who competed in the competition can now review their contests to see their scores and full solutions to the problems.

Thanks to everyone who participated! The December competition will be held December 2nd - 4th and will open for registration by November 20th.

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AMC 10+12 Infinite Practice (Beta Testing)
Lensmire John發表於2022年 10月 28日(Fri) 11:59

Click here to try out our experimental AMC 10+12 practice module.

Random previous AMC 10+12 questions are shown:

  • Get a question right to up one number.
  • Missing a question goes down one number.

A great way to practice, even if you only have a few minutes available! Please share any feedback via email to