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When No One's Best is Best
Lensmire John發表於2018年 11月 9日(Fri) 15:42

In last week's Brain Potion (found here) we discussed various voting strategies. Special thanks to Darren, who correctly identified them as "Plurality", "Approval Voting", and "Score Voting" and giving a great write-up. Check out his response!

This week we examine the idea of score voting in a...

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ZIML Mobile App and Combined Winners!
Institute Areteem發表於2018年 11月 8日(Thu) 13:50

Did you know that the first version of the ZIML mobile app recently launched?

The initial launch of the ZIML app is dedicated to Daily Magic Spells. The additional features you know and love from the ziml.areteem.org website will be added in the coming weeks, including

  • Practice ...
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November 2018 Online ZIML Winners Announced
Institute Areteem發表於2018年 11月 8日(Thu) 09:56

Congratulations to our top winners from the November Online ZIML Competition held June 2nd-4th, 2018.

Remember it's never too early (or late) to get a group started and ready for the December competition! Logged in users can request a free group code using this link.

November Online ZIML:

Gold ...