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Contest Format and Registration

  • The ZIML competition has 5 main divisions for students in elementary, middle, and high school. College students are not eligible to compete in any of the divisions.
  • The contest takes place the first weekend of each month of the school year (October through June). The contest opens Friday at 12:01 AM Pacific Time and closes Sunday 11:59 PM Pacific Time.
  • The exam is 1 hour long (with 20 questions) that can be taken anytime while the contest is open.
  • No calculators are allowed and each question has a number (integer or decimal) answer.
  • Registration is done using the links above. Registration for the next monthly competition opens on the 20th of the preceding month.
  • A practice exam is available on the Practice Page so students can get comfortable with the exam format.

ZIML Divisions

  • Varsity: The top division. Covers material on the level of the last 10 questions on the AMC 12 and AIME level. This division is open to all age levels.
  • Junior Varsity: The second highest competition division. Covers material at the AMC 10/12 level and State/National MathCounts level. Note that material such as complex numbers, advanced trigonometry, and logarithms are not required at this level. This division is open to all age levels.
  • High School (Division H): This division focuses on material from a standard high school curriculum. It covers topics up to and including pre-calculus. This division will serve as excellent practice for students preparing for the math portions of the SAT or ACT. This division is open to all age levels.
  • Middle School (Division M): This division focuses on problem solving using math concepts from a standard middle school math curriculum. Covers material on the level of AMC 8 and School/Chapter MathCounts. This division is open to all students who have not started grade 9.
  • Upper Elementary (Division E): This division focuses on advanced problem solving with mathematical concepts from upper elementary school. Covers material at a level comparable to MOEMS Division E. This division is open to all students who have not started grade 6.

2023-2024 Monthly Contest Dates

  • September 29 - October 1st*
  • November 3rd - 5th
  • December 1st - 3rd
  • January 5th - 7th
  • February 2nd - 4th
  • March 1st - 3rd
  • April 5th - 7th
  • May 3rd - 5th
  • June 7th - 9th

Note: The first monthly contest is held on a special weekend to start the year.